Six essential tools that every Windows user requires

Almost 90% of the world uses Windows, but the most used programs are not pre-installed in the Windows by default. In this list of tools, I will list out the tools that are must haves and provide huge functionality to your existing Windows installation.

Notepad plus plus

The simple notepad that comes with Windows is quite outdated and should be replaced with a well-enhanced software. Notepad plus plus is a third-party program that is freely available and provides all the needs for your common editing, programming, and various other functions.

Mozilla Firefox


Although Windows has updated Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 version but still you need a very good quality third-party browser that can add add-ons, have compatibility with various scripts and other things. My recommended browser would be Firefox, and it has many add-ons for almost all tasks and provide various web development functions with it.



Flux is a small program that helps you in changing your screen according to the time in your Zone. It dims, increases and changes the color of the screen according to your sky, whether and room conditions.

7 zip


Although Windows contains its own Windows archiving facility, that does not help in comprising large files to the extent that we want. It also does not have features like splitting the archive into various files so that they can be uploaded to almost all file sharing sites. Seven zip helps in compressing the files very thin 7–zip archives that can be split into any amount of small archives. 7-zip archives can be easily extracted using 7-zip or win rar.

Flash fxp


Windows does have the facility to export files using FTP, but that can only be done using command prompt that is not that flexible. Using programs like Flash fxp, FileZilla, and others, you can have a GUI interface to deal with FTP things.


It is a must have tool for anyone who want to clean up their windows completely and increase its speed by doing so. CCleaner completely erases all the waste files on your system and provide you the functionality to choose between – what to delete and what not to.

Microsoft Office


Windows created by Microsoft, but very little of this editing can be done on it by default. You need to install Microsoft Office, which mainly consist of Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It has many other tools like one note, access, Outlook et cetera but the earlier 3 mentioned are the most used.

Comment us to tell what your favorite one is! If you have any other tools that you regularly use on your Windows PC then also right below.




Google is going through various changes. It is trying to change the behavior of search engine and make it much favorable to the users. Before 2010, Google was not applying many measures to correct search behavior except going down heavily after paid links and very highly spammed comments but since then, it has come a long way.

In 2011 the first major update named Google Panda came into being. It completely changed the Internet because it affected lots of websites that were using spun content or content farms that were getting huge traffic by automation. After Panda, these sites were termed as spam. Content quality again became at the top of ranking your website, and Google showed the world that it still dominates in providing user-friendly searches to its users.

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After Panda came Penguin, which cracked hardly on bad quality Backlinks. It majorly focused on highly focused anchor text and bad quality link building methods like comment spamming and blasting. Just like Panda it was also quite revolutionary and made heavy changes to the ranking algorithm.

Google Hummingbird is also a recent update that focused on user experience to rank websites. However it is not clear at present, what effects it had on rankings of various websites. It is also noted that Google is manually checking the search results for highly spammed terms like payday loan et cetera. So, you won’t be able to rank on the search engines for terms like payday loan if you are building automatic backlinks or using any other black hat methods, because even if you rank, you have to face a manual review.

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